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Recommended Gear Change

Where Worn Tier 1 Tier 2 Other Considerations
<used as light> Eye Of The Beholder (75)
Cloud Of Fireflies (75)
2x <worn on finger> Random Ring (50)
Ancient Ring (50)
Black Ring Of Typhus (40)
2x <worn around neck> Turquoise Mane (50)
Mantle Of Roses (50)
Talisman Of Innocent Blood (50)
Rune Of Life (50)
Golden Torque (30 but with save/AC bonuses)
<worn on body> White Leather Dress (50)
Gold Chased Armor (50)
Plain Blue Robe (50)
Sea-Bleached Tunic (50)
<worn on head> Obsidian Helm (50)
Grand Serpent Hood (50)
Wide Leather Patch (50)
Sea-Bleached Hat (50)
Crown Of The Ages (50)
<worn on legs> Sea Priestess' Skirt (21 or 32) Waterlace Leggings (15)
Sea-Bleached Trousers (15)
Topaz Studded Leggings (15)
Claddings Of Plated Toadstools (15)
<worn on feet> Small Toe-Ring (60)
<worn on hands> Silver Astral Gauntlets (30)
<worn on arms> Armbands Of Elemental Harmony (40)
Armbands Of Elemental Purity (40)
Armbands Of Elemental Fury (40)
Black Bracer (25)
<held in offhand> Gnarled Branch Of Age (100)
Shield Of The Tree (100)
<worn about body> Aura Of The Storyteller (70)
Red Velvet Cape (70)
Pitch-Black Robe (70)
<worn about waist> Girth Of The Most Holy (100) Belt Of Sorcery (50)
Shimenawa (65 Greater Races only)
2x <worn on wrist> Aura Of Elemental Power (25) Manacle Of Shizaga's Chosen (20)
Sprite Ribcage (15)
<wielded> Gnarled Branch Of Age (100)
Cluster Of Orchids (100)
Runecovered Staff (185 double wield)
Crimson Spellshard (90)
Kzinti Holy Scythe (40 but easy to get)
<held> Mystical Desert Stone (50)
Focusing Staff (50)


Proposed different way of doing hero gear. Take on the lord concept of tier description and make it a table right out. This makes the table larger (of course) but I think easier to see what you want. Welcome to any feedback (modify this page). --Ylem (talk) 14:16, 29 December 2017 (EST)