White Healer's Baldric

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Level: 11-14
Weight: 7
Position: About Body
AC: 2-4
Flags: none
Keywords: healer, baldric
Mobs: Apollonia Sylvanpath(Portable), Ortensia Springmeadow (Portable), Young Priest [Damiana Stillwaters] (Portable)

Modifies hit roll by 2 continuous.
Modifies armor class by -8 continuous.

From Sol:2e n 2w s 2w s d w u n 5w to entrance of Westwood
From Westwood: w n 2w n w 2n w 2n w 2s w n (d) to the entrance of Ruins Of Westwood

from ruins entrance: 2d 3n, other mobs with baldric wander around.