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Zombie fests are free-for-all quests in which all players online become combatants in a battle for control of the mud. During a zombie fest, limited player-killing exists between two groups - undead and living. Living players killed by zombies become undead and vice versa. Zombie fests generally last an hour and are announced. They are rare, and it is considered rude (even punishable) to ask for one. Here are some tips for zombie fest participants:

  • Losses during zombie fests are not reimbursable. Insured items lost in a crash are the only exception.
  • If you do not wish to participate, stay in a safe room or log off. All other actions will put your character at risk.
  • Zombies will have (ZOMBIE) next to their names and are easily recognizable. All other players are on the opposing team.
  • Combat may only occur between opposing groups.
  • There are limitations on killing players smaller than you.
  • Successful bounty kills result in a generous experience gain.
  • There is no gear loss when you die; equipment stays on your body.
  • Effects of skills, spells, racials, or anything else are not cleared upon death.
  • Death is inevitable. Embrace it and move on.
  • Hit points, mana, and movement points will be scarce. Stock up on useful items.
  • Have fun.

See also Zombie Flag.