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Heroes should only be using piercing and splinter arrows. You can fletch splinter arrows at 101. Splinter arrows break on contact every time so you will go through them fast. They don't necessairly break if you miss, so make an alias to pick those up (an automated trigger to do that is illegal per avatar rules). Piercing arrows should be used until you can make splinter arrows, and also on mobs wearing armor.

Fletch kits can be purchased from the Village Bowmaster and he only sells level 51 (required for splinter). If you are low on money, you can kill watchmen (area around bowmaster) but many of their kits are less than 51. Drider Hunters also have fletch kits, some even above level 51 but it can be a very dangerous area (aggie snipers). You can also buy arrows from bowmaster: 30k gold for 500 splinters (not including haggle).

If you are soloing and taking on some hard mobs, use poisons. Make plenty of bolts of all three and hit the mob with all of them, then switch to piercing or splinter (or explosive if he is REALLY ud:).

At hero 250 you can make explosive arrows. You will very quickly give up trying to fletch them because you will fail nearly every time. Here are some tips:

  • Use new fletch kits
  • Have a mage cast ward on your fletch kits to raise it by 1 level, or have a cleric cast consecrate to raise it by 2. Kits with higher levels tend to produce more explosive arrows.
  • Have your dex maxed (drow rings give 2 each, or just cast adrenaline pump)

See also Fletching Kits and Ammuntion.