Fletching Tools And Materials

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A kit is here, containing fletching tools and materials.

Keyword(s): fletching, kit, tools, materials.
Level(s): various (see chart below).
Type: trash.
Slot(s): <held>.
Quality: 100 hps.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Flag(s): none.


Characters must hold fletching kits in order to fletch arrows, bolts, darts, and sling stones.


 Level:    Area:                         Map:      Mob/Quest/Room:
 07-07     Wayside                       map       Liam
 09-11     The Oak Circle                map       a wood sprite
 11-13     Centaur Camp                  map       Marek Flicktail
 14-14     Elven Foothills               map       Aurora
 14-16     Sarphyre's Court              map       Baron Amier Sarphyre
 23-25     Odevar Hills                  map       The Khoridvar Clan Chief
 24-24     Midgaard                      map       the bow-maker
 33-35     Wildwood                      map       a centaur hunter
 42-44     LeMans Vineyard               map       an orken venomist
 42-44     Icewolf                       map       A hunter
 45-47     Icewolf                       map       A hunter gargoyle
 46-48     Icewolf                       map       An elite hunter
 47-49     Icewolf                       map       Caymen
 49-51     Hamlet of Kreigstadt          map       a village watchman
 50-52     Battleground                  map       Creela
 50-52     Idolatry of Lloth             map       a drider hunter
 50-52     Sir Michael's Stronghold      map       An archer
 51-51     Hamlet of Kreigstadt          map       the village bowmaster

Fletching kits can be purchased from Kreigstadt's village bowmaster; he only sells level-51 kits (which are required to fletch splinter arrows). If you are low on money, you can kill village watchmen (who wander about the area around this bowmaster) but many of their kits are below level 51. If you increase the kit levels to 51 by warding them, you can still use them to make splinter arrows. Drider hunters also have fletching kits, some even above level 51, but their area can be a very dangerous (due to aggie snipers). You can also buy splinter arrows from Kreigstadt's bowmaster rather than fletching them; he charges about 30k gold for 500 splinter arrows (less when haggling).

See individual mob/quest pages linked above for more information.