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Spellbots are players who have dedicated themselves to the purpose of healing and providing protective spell-ups to all players. While not strictly necessary in the earlier stages of your development, you'll find them indispensable as you grow. They are not staff, or related to the immortals of Avatar in any way, but are players who choose to give their time and mana to help you progress. Please treat them kindly :)

The majority of spellbots are found in Sanctum, in the Infirmary room. To get there, type SANCTUM, down, west (RECALL to leave again).

You may be able to see spellbots if you type WHO KRA and see which people have trigger info in their title.

Note that this room can be spammy at times, so knowing what you want to do before you enter can be useful. Spellbots generally explain how to access their services via their title or playerinfo. For example:

[ 6 Lord Cle Spr Kra N ] Kimla is a spellbot: tell kimla help

Thus, you should type TELL KIMLA HELP.

You would then see (when she is out of lag!):

Kimla tells you 'tell me: light|spell|spelltank||sf|dd|hs|cd|cp|reg|c sanc|c foci|c fort|c awen|c invin|c 'iron skin'|c invig|c fre|c rem|rem (int)|c div|c heal|c comf|c bark|c por <mob>|c nex <mob>|c invis|c dark|help, salute, bark, spull, tank'

Each command does something different. The popular commands for Kimla are 'spell' or 'spelltank' (if your alignment is opposite Kimla's, if you are tanking your group, or if you are a caster class soloing with spells alone, you want to use 'spelltank'). So, for example, type 'tell kimla spell'. You will know the spellup is finished when you see a $ by your hitpoints in your prompt. $ denotes sanctuary.

As another example:

[ 1 Lord Dru Hel Kra N ] WHOX v0.4: gt list for commands

As you can see from the title, this one gives instructions via grouptells, not tells, so you will have to follow Whox. Bots who do this will have autogroup on, so as soon as you follow you can type 'gt list'.

WHOX tells the group 'valid trigs are: div, adiv, sanc, frenz, full, split, fort, foci, awen, bless, water, bark, invin, iron, hs, invig, rc, cp, cd'

Type 'gt' followed by one of the commands Whox lists for spells. (Note - I had to remove the asterisks that would normally be there for a grouptell because it was messing up the format.)

Some general terms: "Full" means everything that bot can give you, which usually means everything except Steel Skeleton and self-only spells like Concentrate. "Split" means a full spellup except that Awen is separated to not include Frenzy. Unfortunately protection is left out as well because it is only castable on others via Awen. This is optimal for the same reasons as Kimla's "spelltank" above. Most bots use these terms, Kimla seems to be the odd one out.

Please note that it might be useful to refresh your Sanctuary and frenzy as they fall. Generally you might need to do this twice per spellup. Note also that there are many bots, so glancing at everyone's titles occasionally can be useful.

Psionicists and Mindbenders are also able to give steel skeleton and iron skin. Sometimes you can find a bot on that does this. Type WHO HERO PSI, etc, to check. Note that some general purpose spellbots are programmed to give iron skin while some, such as Kimla, are not.

Finally, note that this room is an infirmary, which currently means you will regen twice as fast for free.