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I've been playing Avatar since September 2005. I make a living at working on computers (developer/architect of software).

July 2015

From what I can see (historically) the Avatar Wiki went live in May of 2005 (Archived Main Page) and is now 10 years old which coincides nicely with Avatar's 20th anniversary. My first update was on February 12, 2006 so I'm coming up on my 10th wiki anniversary. From special pages I can see I've done a little over 3200 updates (for whatever that's worth). Edit counts plus uploads (not sure how to link to that).


To contact me - edit my discussion page. I have this on my watch and I'll pick up the change. Let me know if you want to reach me privately and I'll send my email address to you. Or send me a tell in the game. I'm usually on at nights. See you there!