Fan Of Adamantine Darts

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Razor sharp adamantine darts lie here, spread neatly into a fan.

It does 41 to 66 points of damage.
It will return when thrown, if it missess.
It would make a poor melee weapon.
It can hit more than one opponent.
It cannot be caught.

Keyword(s): adamantine darts fan.
Level(s): 51.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): <wielded>.
Quality: 40 hps.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Flag(s): reinforced fire-ward.


Carried by Ferromancer Cindris, who is guarded by a Fire Giant Myrmidon. Cindris likes to cast flash and is worth about 1000 xp solo after a reboot. You don't necessarily have to kill him to get this item -- he likes to throw it during combat and it stays on the ground after it hits.

You can't effectively open combat with this weapon against a group; it seems like area-of-effect throwing weapons only hit everyone you are already currently fighting.