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Character Quick-Links Table
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Avatar has many different and interesting classes to choose from. If you prefer the basic hack-n-slash variety, warriors or rogues may be for you. If you like magic-users, good choices are mages, clerics, and psions, while those in between can opt for the monk, a quick fighter and part-time spellcaster, as well as a very different style of play.

See also Races and Skills & Spells.

Classes Summary
Core Class Prestige Options Remort Options*
Mage   Sorcerer (Lord level 100)
Cleric   Priest (Lord level 100)
Paladin (Lord level 150)
Druid Priest (Lord level 150)
Rogue   Assassin (Lord level 100)
Berserker (Lord level 150)
Black Circle Initiate  
Bladedancer Berserker (Lord level 100)
Warrior   Berserker (Lord level 100)
Paladin (Lord level 150)
Bodyguard Paladin (Lord level 100)
Berserker (Lord level 150)
Ripper Sorcerer (Lord level 150)
Psionicist   Sorcerer (Lord level 150)
Mindbender Sorcerer (Lord level 100)
Monk   Paladin (Lord level 100)
Priest (Lord level 150)
Shadowfist Assassin (Lord level 150)
Archer   Assassin (Lord level 100)
Ranger   Berserker (Lord level 100)**

*Level shown is for a human. To keep your current race, double the required level.
**Only old grandfathered Rangers can remort into Berserkers. When new Rangers are implemented, this will likely be removed.


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