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On AVATAR, we have a rather unique group of players called heroes. Heroes are those individuals who have attained level 51. They are still considered mortal under AVATAR rules, but they command much more power than players of level 1-50. Heroes have no set role within AVATAR society; rather, it is what they make of it. Some heroes choose to use their strength to help other players with corpse retrievals and various sundry requests. Other heroes enjoy running quests. Still others avoid involvement with the lower levels and instead focus on attaining more power. Irrespective of a hero's chosen role, he or she is still subject to all the rules, like any player on AVATAR. There is nothing wrong with asking a hero to give you a hand with anything; they too are mortals. However, the choice to help you is entirely their own. It is NOT acceptable to beg and pester a Hero (or anyone else) who doesn't want to help you - that isn't their job. They may be busy with other things, and harassment will not be tolerated. Heroes are a great asset to AVATAR, and helpful in many ways. Please treat them with the respect they deserve.

Levels: 51(001) - 51(999)


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