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Many aspects of the netherworld touch the material planes, the barriers weakened by those who have passed beyond and even more so by those who have managed to find their way back. It is possible for the living to venture past these weak spots if they are willing to give up a bit of themselves to make the journey.

Builder: Ctibor

This area was added in August of 2013.




this involves first going through a hero tier area and triggering a path into the (lord tier) area proper.


The key attraction of this area is a run which yields 10,000 xp when done fully, but which only yields the big xp bonus after a reboot or a "pool reset".

The run is like this:

  • Check your group's stats in Midgaardia (you should be at full hp/mana in shadow form as well as regular form).
  • Shift to Astral, then visit the lich queen.
  • From lich queen: down, south. Have each group member type "die" in this room (where the barrier between worlds is thin). Only one groupie is triggered at a time, so they may need to try to 'die' more than once.
  • You're now in the Shadowlands area proper and you're in shadow form with Midgaardia style shadowed-lord stats. This is a 4x4x4 cube; on each level, the west side has 'up' exits which go up a level and 'down' exits which go down a level. The levels wrap around, so on the 1st layer, the west up exits go to the 2nd layer, while the east down exits go to the 4th layer.
  • There are 5 important mobs to kill. Each level has one mob you need to kill: shade of an executioner, shade of an ent, murky merman and preta. One level also has a special 'down, down' exit that goes to a room containing Ketos, a kraken-like creature that you have to kill multiple times (keep killing Ketos until no more spawn). These mobs are reboot/reset only and groupmates need to be in the room when the mob dies to get a xp bonus later.
  • Each level also has one room where you need to 'forage'. The forage command will sometimes drop a special item on the ground; be sure you get at least one of: snail, goo, grubs, fruit. (Ask someone who has done the run dozens of times and they should be able to point you to the correct forage room on each level.)
  • While you go through the area killing the 5 boss mobs and collecting the 4 forage items, you'll also run across "tsalmaveth" mobs. When a tsalmaveth dies, it drops a piece of shadow. Kill enough tsalmaveths that you have at least 1 piece of shadow per member of the group (these items are type "key", so you can't save them across reboots; collecting extras isn't super important. 1-2 extra is enough in case someone makes a mistake). If you don't have enough, wander the area until you kill more tsalmaveths.

The forage rooms are (type where to see at which layer you are):

  • 1st level (City of Shadow): w w n from executioner
  • 2nd level (Under the Shrouded Canopy): s s s from shade ent
  • 3rd level (Gray Waters): e s s s from merman
  • 4th level (Lack of Shade): w w from preta

Once you have:

  • killed all 5 boss mobs (shade of executioner, ent shade, hulky merman, preta, Ketos)
  • collected all 4 forage items (snail, goo, grubs, fruit)
  • collected enough pieces of shadow for each groupmate

then you can go to see Djehuti. He's accessed via a special "up, up" exit on one level near the northwest corner (go all north, all west, then east, south, up, up). In his room you should:

  • get bowl, give bowl Dj -- he will give you a shadow sash. Give sash Dj -- he will give you shadow boots

Then make sure each groupmate has a piece of Shadow. Starting with a tank, instruct each group member to:

  • give piece Dj, (wait for him to give you a shroud), wear shroud, enter vortex, east, east.

If you do this properly you'll end up with non-shadowed stats in the room 2e, which is called "Piercing the veil". Now you are non-shadowed and you're in a small "trial of fire" subarea full of lemures. Kill all the lemures in this subarea. When all the lemures are dead, a door to the east will open.

Regenerate if needed, then send a tank east and kill the 3 large mobs there (Sekhmet, Ammit, and Babi). Once all three are dead, go east. Type "die" to earn your 10000 xp reward (assuming you were present for the deaths of all 5 shadowed boss mobs) and be transported back to a safe room in Astral (Facing Reality).

The leader should be the last to type "die" since they'll earn leadership points for their groupmates who earn levels in the room.

From "Facing Reality" it is traditional to send a tank east to kill Lord Gith and the malevolence. From there, end the run as you like -- it's popular to portal to 'night hag', kill the hag then homeshift.