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In Thorngate, there is a sturdy stone keep that is home to the plane's discoverer, Lady Astra. One of the first Midgaardians to experiment with planeshifting magic, Astra accidentally discovered the pocket dimension that she named Thorngate. Although most of the plane is open to the public, the keep is off limits to visitors.

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Popularly known as "3 south of Thorn" in the old days of Lord (that is, 2002 and earlier), this was an open area south of Thorngate that was densely populated by fearsome Ice Devils that would turn any newbie lords inadvertently treading on the turf into lord sushi. One day, the Immortals decided that the area was only being used for the sadistic haze-killing of new lords unfamiliar with Thorngate's layout, and turned it into a Lord school which new lords must now recall from to obtain their training ticket after Morph.

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