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   SKILL            PLANE(S)      OPPOSITE
   SKILL            PLANE(S)      OPPOSITE
   [[Astralhunter]]     [[Astral]]        [[Primehunter]]
   Astralhunter    [[Astral]]        Primehunter
   [[Primehunter]]     All Elemental  [[Astralhunter]]
   Primehunter      All Elemental  Astralhunter
   [[Desertstalker]]   [[Karnath]]        [[Junglestalker]]
   Desertstalker    [[Karnath]]        Junglestalker
   [[Junglestalker]]   [[Kzinti]]        [[Desertstalker]]
   Junglestalker    [[Kzinti]]        Desertstalker
   [[Demonslayer]]     [[Tarterus]]      [[Githslayer]]
   Demonslayer      [[Tarterus]]      Githslayer
   [[Githslayer]]       [[Outland]]        [[Demonslayer]]
   Githslayer      [[Outland]]        Demonslayer
   [[Dreamstalker]]     [[Arcadia]]        [[Shadowhunter]]
   Dreamstalker    [[Arcadia]]        Shadowhunter
   [[Shadowhunter]]     [[Noctopia]]      [[Dreamstalker]]
   Shadowhunter    [[Noctopia]]      Dreamstalker
[[Category: Ripper Skills]]
[[Category: Ripper Skills]]
[[Category: Lord Ripper Skills]]
[[Category: Lord Ripper Skills and Spells]]

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Prerequisites: planeshift
Syntax: <none>

"Ain't no way to get to know someone like dipping your claws in 'em!" -Korun Rentface

These skills represent a Ripper Lord's special talent in hunting extraplanar creatures. Each one grants a damage bonus to claw attacks on a specific plane or set of planes.

These skills are all Advanced Skills, and as such, require extra practices to acquire, and can only be trained to 50%. The remaining 50% must come through use. In this case, using the Tear skill on the correct plane. Each skill has an opposite, and cannot be raised more than 5% higher than this opposite.

 SKILL            PLANE(S)       OPPOSITE
 Astralhunter     Astral         Primehunter
 Primehunter      All Elemental  Astralhunter
 Desertstalker    Karnath        Junglestalker
 Junglestalker    Kzinti         Desertstalker
 Demonslayer      Tarterus       Githslayer
 Githslayer       Outland        Demonslayer
 Dreamstalker     Arcadia        Shadowhunter
 Shadowhunter     Noctopia       Dreamstalker