Aura Of Elemental Strength

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An armband of inexplicably contained, sparkling dust is lying here.

Armor class is 9-12.
Modifies armor class by -15 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 2 continuous.
Modifies damage roll by 2 continuous.

Keyword(s): elemental, armband, strength, aura.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): <worn on arms>.
Quality: 200 hps.
Weight: 1 lbs.
Flag(s): bless.


This is in Exploration Outpost in Eragora. It is on the Earth Elemental, to reach it teleport to Ginormous Dingersen, w, fol Mayflower, then 2d, 2e, u, e, n, e. Kill the four imps there to spawn the elemental.


The four dust imps guarding the room are not trivial to beat. Once imps are dead, the elemental will appear and aggie you. Getting bashed (the elemental has warrior specs, and can disarm, toss, trip, bash etc.) usually means game over, since the next two blows can hit for 1-3k damage on top of the lag penalty suffered.

Another difficulty is the fact that the item will load on the Elemental only 50% of the time.

Overall, while an aura is similar to the dbrilled Pair Of Steel Bracers, the bracers are "easy" to dbrill and will likely require no deaths, unlike this item.