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*                                                           *
*          There once was a sprite named Pilgrim,           *
*              Who worked for a famous Wizard.              *
*   They built a place to rest, near a place of long rest!  *
*  Somewhere in the sea, a treasure is waiting to be found, *
*            but best beware of magic and mayham            *
*                  In the seas of Eragora.                  *
*                                                           *
*                           - Mayflower, Sprite Explorer    *
*                                                           *

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ginta

This area was added in August 2011.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Ginormous Dingersen.


Walking route from Eragora Default Recall: 2s d 2s e 3s w s w s w 2s w 2u.



The area is made of the following major parts:

  • The "top" layer, where Ginormous, Mayflower, Pilgrim and other supporting mobs/questgivers exist,
  • The sea proper, a 4x4x2.5 block with fish, eels and other sea creatures,
  • The elemental caves with .. elementals and imps, to the east of the sea proper,
  • The sunken ship, as the primary quest location, underneath the sea. The ship is no-regen, so no camping there.
  • The kelp forest, south of the sea, with tons of kelp and fantastic xp, but a maze, though not a large one.


If you have a proper group, use a 101+ hero to start Ginormous' main quest, which will net you a permahero insignia once completed (you can choose either +3% to melee or +3% to spell power). The quest involves the ship and is not trivial. You will need two big tanks and several area spellers surging high, and also might require some regen time between boss mobs.

Another quest involves Pilgrim and the extermination of sharks, which will give a weekly boost of +5% xp for all included, and is much easier than the main quest. Any standard group will suffice.

However, if the area is run for xp, you will want to focus on the southern part of the sea - with the kelp farms, which when ran with a wizard in group (especially multicaster/bld combo groups) will make low TNL groupies level once per room (meaning very very fast). 18k xp runs are not unheard of here.

Gear running will likely focus on the elementals, but they load gear only 50% of time. The ship has some powerful gear as well, but soloing the ship is very dangerous even for lord casters. Liberal amounts of calming and swift fingers might be required.


There is no longer a bank e n of Ginormous. All of the top layer is safe. Follow Mayflower to get down to the bulk of the area.

  • Eels are aggie but can't see hidden. However, same as all aggie mobs, they assist when move hidden temporarily falls during fights.
  • The turtles have a chance (maybe 20%?) to skin for shards of ulexite. Giving this to the goblin e, n of Ginormous will cast atheist imm steel on you. They can also be sold as treasure.
  • If small, avoid the ship, it can get very nasty and swarmy.
  • The elementals are very tough but can be soloed by "most" 999 heroes, "most" of the time. They will load their gear only 50% of the time though.

Outpost will do Auto-CR for you, unless you die of eel poison, self-disintegration or similar nastiness. Once you die, enter window, and you will end up at Explorer's Respite, your corpse at your feet.

The fountain in Ginormous's room casts regenerate (quaff for it!).


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