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bladetrance - show current options and depth of trance

bladetrance enter - enter the bladetrance

bladetrance deepen - attempt to enter deeper into the bladetrance

bladetrance lessen - attempt to reduce the depth of the bladetrance

bladetrance break - break the bladetrance immediately (brief exhaust)

Filling their mind with the passion of the dances and aligning themselves with the beauty of the movements, bladedancers can attain a state of trance - the bladetrance. While they are in this state of mind, most dances and skills will be enhanced. However, the trance will tap the pool of magical energy of the bladedancer slightly, but much more so if they are using one of the dances.

If the depth of the bladedancer's trance is level 3 or deeper, then a bash, trip or toss that would normally result in a break of the active dance will be averted. The depth of the bladetrance will be reduced instead.

The maximum depth of trance that a bladedancer can enter may be viewed by using the abilities command.

Note: The profound intuition granted by the bladetrance also enhances the Bladedance, Dervish Dance, Inspiring Dance, Veil of Blades, and the Unending Dance. Please read their help files for more information.

This skill may be acquired via the Bladedancer Quests.


The following is from the original Bld_Bladetrance help from the testing phase therefore the information might not be current anymore.

Apart from the depth the bladetrance cost is modifed by a number of factors, which reflect the ease with which someone can perform the bladedancer dances. These include:

  • size (larger size has higher cost),
  • stealth (worse stealth has higher cost),
  • sex (non-female has slightly higher cost),
  • 'bruteness' (higher has higher cost),
  • align or racial evilness

Some effects of bladetrance:

  • general: if the bld maintains a bladetrance of level 3 or deeper, then a bash, trip or toss that would normally result in a break of the active dance will be averted. The depth of the bladetrance will be reduced instead.
  • dervish dance: higher chance of successful hitting
  • bladedance with sublime strike: higher chance of using vs instead of normal riposte attack on dodge; and for higher trance depth also a greater chance of applying the vs affect
  • unending dance: chance of dodging increased, with ocean weave and echo weave those evasion chances are increased as well
  • inspiring dance: mana granted increased
  • veil of blades dance: increase confusion effect of enemies (-hr)
  • sublime flow: increased damage mod for use of slicing or slashing weapons
  • blade weave: increases chance of landing additional attacks, both with offhand and wield.

While you can gain the potential to bladetrance to level two, at level 675 if you complete a quest, you can only intially use it to level one. Level two becomes avaialble at level 700.

Lord Tips

Bladetrance (as well as stances) are maintained through planeshift. Therefore you can trance up and stance veil before you plane, to make a shift substantially easier. While there is a cost for switching stances, there is no manacost for changing bladetrance levels. This makes it very rewarding to change trance as often as needed, as the lag is quite low. If you are in a lull in combat, turn it off and back on later to save mana. Turn it low on easy rooms and back up high for harder ones. Tweak it downwards as mobs die. etc.

Bladetrance Cost - Testing

We testing Lord Kzn, HiE and Hlf bladetrance mana cost by syncing up with triggers and all launching into veil, bladetrance 3 at the same time. By the time veil had worn off/exhausted, bladetrance 3 had costed us the following mana:

Bladetrance mana usage by race and worship
Race Worship Mana Usage Size Stealth Dmg Mod
Halfling Shizaga 5805 S 3 / 2 0
Kzinti Shizaga 6124 M 2 / 1 0
High Elf Quixoltan 6194 M 2 / 0 0
Duergar Werredan 6516 S 0 / 2 0
Gith Annakinesia 6713 M 1 / 1 0
Gith Gorn 6762 M 1 / 1 0
Gith Tul-Sith 6811 M 1 / 1 0
Gith Tor 6832 M 1 / 1 0
Gith Bhyss 6839 M 1 / 1 0
Lizardmen Shizaga 6909 M -1 / 0 0
Ignatur Annakinesia 7115 S ? / 0 1
Red Dragon Shizaga 8792 vL -2 / 0 3

If anyone has a different race and would like to test, please send a tell to Vagonuth/Olodagh/Xykoi in game. We'll use a trigger with the following alias:

stance veil:bladetrance enter:bladetrance deepen:bladetrance deepen:gtell ool
  • Note: the results from this test can vary (likely due to when during the current tick you activate it). Taking an average over a couple tries could help. It doesn't seem like worship affects it (and the help file doesn't suggest so) however we can track it for now.