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Lore tells of a hole in a cave under a lizard infested bog so incredibly deep and wide that it could only have been made by the passing of a huge creature. Indead, there are now many gigantic insects inhabiting this underground chasm where only foolish mortals tread.

Level Range: 48-50

Builder: Slinky


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, e, 2n, 2w, 2n, 2w, 5n, 3d, 2w, d.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Tapeworm.


The Abyss connects to the Crescent Bog above it via an underwater cave. At present, it connects with no other areas.


The Abyss centers around a tall vertical shaft that characters must be flying to traverse. This shaft's topmost room exits upward into an underwater room within the Crescent Bog; so, if you suddenly find yourself in a water room while navigating this area, then you've gone too far up. The tapeworm usually stands stationary just below this top entrance, though sometimes it appears in the bottommost room of this shaft. About midway down this shaft is a level where it connects with four toyshop room, one in each cardinal direction.

On most other levels, one or two rooms adjoin this shaft, each of these containing a single stationary giant insect; from each of these lairs, one exit returns to this shaft on the same level while another exit returns to this shaft, also, but on the toyshop level instead (which can potentially be rather disorienting to those unfamiliar with this area). At the bottom of this shaft is a secret door leading north into a treasure room (see Treasure-Hunting); this door may be bashed open but may not be passed magically.


Groups normally portal to the Long Tapeworm, which is actually at the very bottom of the map, then proceed upwards through the area's long vertical shaft. All players need to be flying, as the shaft consists of airborn rooms. Note that every single mob here is hidden, so players need Detect Hidden, Alertness, Awareness, or Heighten Senses. The mobs of interest are the insects who live alone in rooms adjacent to the shaft on each level. They carry keys to chests that contain gear.

Other mobs include elves who wander around the map, and the Long Tapeworm. Each of the toy shop rooms contains an elf who casts mage spells. The tapeworm has a key to a treasure room to the north of it, however it has sanctuary and uses breath attacks.

All of the mobs in this area scavenge (i.e. pick up mob corpses or items dropped onto the ground).


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