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Discovered in the frozen northlands after the first great war, there are no records of who built the citadel known as Alpha Thule. Scholars have spent millenia presenting theories as to its origins, though none have been proven. Some believe it was where Saint Manuel was trying to reach during his ill-fated battle with Tourach. Others believe that a race of ancients built it, before the arrival of the gods and the creation of the known races. Still others believe it may be the long abandoned laboratory of Larix, God of Logic, and creator of the Gnomes. Only two things are known for certain: the citadel does not seem to age, as if time itself does not hold sway on it, and no one has ever returned from the inner recesses of the building.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Nadreck


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3w, 5n, d, 3n, w, n, w, 3n, u, 2n, e, 3n, w, n, w, 12n, 5w, 12n. (Needs water breathing, fly and move hidden)

Walking route from Big Fish: n, 5w, 12n. (Needs water breathing, fly and move hidden)

Portaling point(s) suggested: selkie.

From the selkie you will need to move northish. The path to alpha Thule is directly north of the small island.



There are three general parts to Alpha Thule. The first (connecting to the lake) is the middle ring and contains sentinels (which detect sneak and move hidden) and claymen (which do not). This is a square, with two (connected) branches in the northern hallway.

From that point downwards are shafts with souls and a 3x5 block beneath the shafts with energized clays.

Upwards are more souls, the Hall of souls (3x2 area) with more souls (with sanctuary) and finally on the top is Celestial which is a level 100 sanctuary mob with an arbalest, the solitary gear piece in the area.

No portal points or recall settable places exist (all cursed).


Alpha Thule is an area describing a static, eternally never-changing and timeless citadel. As such everything inside is also static and (some might say) dull, but the room descriptions are chock full of philosophy and might be an interesting read to those inclined to read. To represent the unchanging nature of the Citadel, none of the mobs in this area move.

Many of the mobs here are Golems and these have racial armor (Racial Armorancient) so you won't hit as well (they're also immune to poisons). Due to having many high level mobs the area is (very) worthwhile xp-wise, for various groups - from 6 people ones farming perfect gems, to even berserker/basher duos. Only the souls (Ephemeral Spirit, Within the Shafts) and clays (Energized Clay, Beneath the Shafts) are less than level 80.

Note that the energized clay part (beneath the citadel) is no-regen.

The first mob you will run into (from the lake) is a sentinel, which is aggressive and can detect sneak, move hidden and invisble. Most of the mobs will not be as aggressive, but the ancients are positioned on major forks and crossroads, which are not as common but something to keep in mind. They can easily pommel squishy groupies in a matter of rounds.


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