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Arx Nivea is an ancient half-orc settlement on the continent of Eragora. It is situated amid the plains and jungles of the interior, upon a large meander in the River Etuan.


Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Iktinos

How to get there

To walk here from Midgaardia:

  1. Withdraw a ruby from the bank (the Ent Banker in Mervue as a good starting point for this journey).
  2. Go a little south to the docks, where Charon the Ferryman will ferry you and your group to Eragora if you give him a ruby.
  3. On arrival, head east from the docks and through the Sphynx Gate (you will need to be visible, and enter one at a time).
  4. Travel east through the Rhuien Jungle, while pausing to admire or fight off some of the interesting local flora.
  5. Continue travelling east through the Eragora Walkways, a series of paths through the plains and patches of jungle.
  6. After taking a quick rest at the campfire in Eragora Walkways, the entrance to the settlement is a little to the south east.

<spoiler text='Portal directions:'>Walking route from Eragora default recall: 1 south, 1 east, 1 north, 2 east.

Portaling point(s) suggested: None, though it is very easy to get to.</spoiler>

Please note:
  • On your return journey, Charon's brother, Kharon, will be waiting to transport you.
  • Just say Mervue to Kharon, and he will ferry you to dockside at Mervue, for free.
  • The southern continent of Eragora cannot be travelled to by teleportation, portal, or nexus spell.
  • You cannot access sanctum in Eragora, so make sure you are properly equipped before you travel there.

Exploring the area

This area has been written especially for those players who like exploring new, uncharted territory, alone or with friends, and at their own speed.

The fact that players must explore and uncover the secrets of this area themselves without the availability of online information largely justifies the hidden rewards that await them. A lot of effort has been put into the room descriptions to help you find your way around.

I hope you enjoy exploring it, looking at stuff (and you can look at pretty much everything), doing the quests, and so on.


Among various services and shops, you can find a store room where you can access your lockers and a bank.

In the event of death

While the local residents enjoy the attentive ministrations of the local priest upon dying, foreign invaders like yourselves are normally tossed into the River Etuan from the walls, where the local angel fish eagerly await corpses.


This area has a range of quests from small and easy to large and complicated for explorers to discover.

One quest in particular should probably be mentioned though:

 (]                                            [)
 (] It can be so hard to walk the path we      [)
 (] walk.  So many things seek to pull us      [)
 (] from the right way; to tempt us into       [)
 (] doing what we know we should not, or       [)
 (] stay our hands from doing what we will.    [)
 (]                                            [)
 (] I can help you.  I will show you the path. [)
 (] I will take from you that which poisons    [)
 (] your soul with doubts, and makes you weak. [)
 (]                                            [)
 (] Come to Eragora, and seek the temple at    [)
 (] Arx Nivea.  I shall be waiting.  If you    [)
 (] are worthy, I will make you my acolyte,    [)
 (] and perform the rites that will free you.  [)
 (]                                            [)
 (] Free you, not to do that which is "good",  [)
 (]   ... but that which you Know to be Right. [)
 (]                                            [)
 Should you lose the reward of this quest, simply approach
 the Haruspex and say:
          'Forgive me, Master!  I have failed you!'

The Dark Acolyte Quest is a hero-level quest whose reward is permanent. Although, if you rebirth you will lose the skill it grants.


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