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From the western edge of the Eragoran continent, through the surging river which bisects the land, and to the immeasurable mountain range in the east - mysteries will begin to unravel, as day shatters into bits of night.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Eragora default recall: stand still.

Walking route from The twin Sphynx entrance: e, s, 2e, n, 3e. Warning: multiple aggies along the way.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Lookout (aggressive, hard hitting, and there are 7 at fixed positions all over the map). Use default recall instead.


Indirect connection to:


Navigation is trivial as the area consists of four linear branches connecting various Eragoran areas. One cannot get lost, and even if one succeeds at such a task, use the default recall to go to the middle of the area.


Area is filled with an even ratio of aggressive and non-aggressive wandering mobs. None hit too hard and some carry decent wields. Ideal for casters to solo or lowhero groups to run through. Mob density is average.

Trees are aggressive.

Area is uncursed with the exception of the local cloud, so recall is possible from any point.

The local cloud room is anti-magic and safe (you can save spells in this room). Eragora default recall is an infirmary, though not safe - save spells in the cloud room. Both rooms are nomob, so you will be free from pestering, but also no-quit, so only convenient to regenerate and spell up.

Unlike some other Eragoran areas, Eragora Walkways will not do your CR for you.

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