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Even the toughest warriors or most devout clerics need some time to unwind. And what better place to do this than at the carnival? But you will not only find adventurers looking for a good time. You will find mummers, minstrels, jesters, jugglers, and many others there. You get your chance to measure your strength against the world's best fighter. See the freaks and monsters of this world. Feast upon delicious cakes and other good food. Or try the excellent drinks! There is something for everyone. So what are you waiting for?

Level Range: 3-10

Builder: Kariya


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, 3n.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 3n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Carnival Barker.


This area is connected to Highways/Great Wall.


This area is a big 7x7 grid with a few off-shoot rooms. It is easy to get around as all rooms in the main 7x7 are connected. The NE is the show and the SW is the jousting area. N is the bear and a theater in the SW.


Pretty straight forward - explore around.


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