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The Highways include the White Stone Road, which runs around Solace and north of the Meadow; the Dwarven Trade Route, which runs from north of Midgaard around to Mt Durr; and the Highway that runs from Cathracharraig to Midgaard to Mervue. The Great Wall is a mammoth construct east of Midgaard, which is meant to keep the various nasties of Wildwood out of the more civilized parts of the Realm.

Level Range: 5-12

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Nom: 1n, 8w.

Walking route from Sol: 3e.

Walking route from Aelmon: 10n or 10e or 11s or 11w.


This area is the main connection area for AVATAR and as such has links with a lot of lower level areas, as well as some higher ones too. These connections include: the Meadow, Stonehall, Solace, Midgaard, Mervue, Mt. Durr, Cathracharraig and the Wildwood.

Many, many other areas are connected to the Highway network.


The various areas of the highway system have different names and as such are a convenient way to divide up the area.

  • The White Stone Road is probably the part of the Highway that any new character will come across as it connect to the Meadow, Stonehall and Solace. To the north it leads to the Crossroads which connects with the Dwarven Trade Route and the Mountain Path. To the south it turns into the Path Around Solace.
  • The Old East Road and Woodbridge Road together run from Solace in the west to Midgaard in the east.
  • The Dwarven Trade Route runs from Mt. Durr and Odevar Hills east to the Farmer's Way.
  • Farmer's Way is a straight north-south road which connects Midaard and Cathracharraig.
  • The Mountain Path runs from the Crossroads north and then east to Cathracharraig. This section runs through mountainous territory and can be quite intensive on the movement points. This means that the Dwarven Trade Route and Farmer's Way is preferred route for simply getting from A to B.
  • The Mountain Trail is a short straight road which runs east from Cathracharraig to the Barrier Wastes. Be careful not to wander into the River as there is no easy way back out again and it can be dangerous without a boat or other method of dealing with the water.
  • Ocean Trade Route runs north-south from Midgaard to Mervue.
  • Defender's Way leaves Midgaard and leads east to the Great Wall and the Wildwood.
  • The Great Wall starts in the north at the Tortured Terrain and winds via the gate to the Wildwood south to eventually end at Mervue. The north tower by the the gate to the Wildwood also has a connection to the Airways.


Highways, like the White Stone Road and the Farmer's Way, will allow you to travel between cities easily. Peddlers, Knights, Bandits and Monks often wander these roads.

This area is a great place for low level characters to gain quick and relatively easy xp for a good few levels and is generally easy to solo for most characters. In addition, it can provide some reasonable equipment which will last you through till the xp starts to dry up - mostly from the knights. Further, you can generally do quite well with only the bless and armor spells given out by Nom and Sol.

Start out around the White Stone Road and pick off the deer, bandits and pilgrims that lurk around here, and there is sometimes a beggar outside of Solace. Avoid the monks at first, unless you are well spelled, as they hurt. White knights and yeomen both carry weapons, and so are also a bit dangerous. Green knights are a bit harder to kill than the pilgrims, but don't do too much damage.

Travel north up to the Dwarven Trade Route and look to western end for many merchants, who while they may assist, are generally easy pickings. If you travel east you come across peddlers who are also easy pickings and start to meet blue knights, who are much the same as the green ones.

The east end of the Dwarven Trade Route ends in Farmer's Way, which as it implies has a fair amount of easy to kill farmers on it, along with merchants and more peddlers. Red knights will be more evident around here. Head south and do a quick circuit around Midgaard, killing the beggars there and pretty much anything else you see.

If you take Woodbridge Road, then you encounter a fair amount of green knights, monks, yeomen and a few bandits. The hidden scavenger can often be found along this section too. This is a good way to go if you are in need of getting back to Nom or Sol for some more spells, but will otherwise just lead you back to the beginning of the circuit.

South of Midgaard along the Ocean Trade Route and around Mervue, a host of mobs can be found, which by this time should be easy pickings. However, east of Midgaard is Defender's Way, which while having a tight group of wanderers, and masons, and often a share of knights and tinkers, can be be a bit overwhelming due to their tendency to assist.

Running north and south from Defender's Way is the Great Wall, which to the south will eventually deposit you at Mervue. The soldiers along the wall, those guarding the gate and the tower captains are the toughest in the area and often carry bows. Without spells, by the time you can kill these with ease, you can probably head to a bit of an easier area where the mobs are a bit easier. With spells however, they provide good xp at lower levels.

The Mountain Trail and the Mountain Path up around Cathracharraig are not so good for xp gathering as the terrain around here consumes movement quickly, which at low levels can be very frustrating. Also, the most dangerous areas to accidentally wander off the path into can generally be found along these northern sections, as well as the north end of the Great Wall. Keeping away from the north will ensure that even if you step off the path, you will have at least a room's grace to notice your error. Some of the areas in the north sections though will be deadly to even much higher level characters the moment you make the mistake of entering.


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