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This area has no official description.

Level Range: 3-9

Builder: Binky


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, 2n, w.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Ticket Clerk.


This area is connected to Highways/Great Wall and Rivers Of Avatar.


Most people enter this area through the northern entrance connected to Highways/Great Wall. The first section is the vendors and freak show outside the Circus, and contains the mobs with the keys to the chests at the end. The second section is inside the Circus, and is accessed by buying a ticket from the Ticket Clerk. The third section is the pens and trailers of the freak show members, and is accessed by finding a hidden door. See the Adventuring section for more details.


Another gem of the newbie game, the circus is where most new players first flex their problem solving muscle in pursuit of the strongman's bracers. It's got lots of mobs, some danger, and an interesting room structure, as well as useful gear. Remember to use consider, and to watch your align, as most mobs will drop it.

At the entrance of the circus, buy a ticket from the clerk, but don't even think about fighting him - he's the biggest mob in the area and will smish you.

Immediately inside the circus area, there are plenty of mothers/children/fathers wandering around, who are all of about the same difficulty. East from the cotton candy vendor is the freak show - they are a bit harder than the normal mobs but all carry keys to their respective tents. Ivan the strongman (who has the key to the strongman's bracers in his tent) is hidden, so you'll have to get a detect potion of some sort or holy sight to see him.

Farther south is the entrance to the big top, which you can unlock with the ticket purchased from the clerk. Inside the big top there are wandering audience members, which are about the same difficulty as the mobs outside, but tend to flee. The ringmaster, 1s from the entrance, is a bit tougher then the rest of the mobs.

South from the ringmaster is the second ring, which has a bunch of clowns. I'm not sure if they assist, but you might not want to find out if there are a lot in the room. Down from the clowns is... more clowns!

East from the second ring is the knife thrower and his assistant. The knife thrower has a wield, and drugged food (which will cast sleep on you, so don't eat it). Also, be careful of his assistant - she's wearing the blindfold, which you'll have to die or get a psi to decept off if you accidentally put it on.

West from the second ring is a locked door, through which is the first ring and the nasty aggy corpse-eating lions. Needless to say, you'll want to stay out of the room unless you have a pressing reason not to.

Up from the second ring is the tightrope, which holds a few tightrope walker mobs (about average difficulty), and 3w and a hidden door down leads to behind the big top. Make sure you go all the way to the end - 2wd will land you in the lion's pen.

South from the trap door is the pens, which have one horse, two elephant, and two bear mobs all of identical difficulty. Try the horse first to see how you can handle before moving on, and be warned that the bears will aggy and the elephants will assist.

East from the trap door is the performers tents, the best of which is the strongman's (for the bracers) -- the guard dog in the midget's tent will aggy, but he's not tough. Farther east and south is the circus owner, which is the second toughest mob in the area. He's holding the key to a secret leading to a small amount of gold, but I would stay away from him.

All west from the trap door will lead you out of the area into the Rivers of Avatar.


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