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Warned be the wanderer not to stumble into this cave! Set into the slopes of some hills to the east of the Meadow with its springing rabbits and grazing deer, close to the entrances to other caverns and underground passages, this deep cave once served as a pathway to some foreign land. But that age went by, and the goblins who now inhabit the halls make sure that the few stray wanderers never see the light of day again.

Level Range: 4-10

Builder: Taion


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, u, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: hobbit creature, frightened goblin.




Goblin Caverns is mostly a useful area to run because of its proximity to the other small areas adjoining it. Killing here won't hurt your align, so it's a good place to stop by; however, it suffers from a shortage of killable (unspelled) mobs.

Follow the path till you see an option to go down (ignore the earlier north branch). From here, north will take you into a small house where a female goblin wanders, south will take you to the torturer, and down will take you farther into the tunnels. Look for the jailer on scan (he wanders - he may be farther down), and kill him for his two keys. The normal key will unlock the door south of the torturer, where you can kill the dwarf prisoner, and the crude key is a ticket for the tortured human. Giving it to him will cause him to drop a 9999kg treasure :) (If anyone knows a use for this, let us know!).

Down on the first level, there'll be a nearly worked to death prisoner, who is easy to kill but does a bit of damage since he has a wield, and usually a goblin child (easy kill).

Somewhere on the three levels you'll see a wretched creature - he aggies sleepers and flees. Most importantly, the creature has a boat, which you'll need to get to see the rest of the level (or be water breathing/flying). Be careful not to go too far north on the third level without the boat, or you'll drown.

In the water area on the third level, there is a blind fish for an easy kill, and on the north shore, two orc guards. These guys are big, armored, wield-bearing, and aggy, so you definitely DO NOT want to fight them without spells (or lots of quaffables). If you do manage to get past them, east and north will take you to the goblin guards. There's quite a few in this room, all armored and wielding swords, and they will assist, so fight in this room with care. For all your troubles, you can get the brass button (pill, level 1 spells of nothing) or walk outside the cave into the Valley of the Dogs.


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