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This is a map of areas in and around the Meadow.

           | |
         __| |<-- White Stone Road
        |  | |
    Circus | |           Wayside        Goblin Caverns
           | |   _________|___________  Mushroom Caves
      ___  | |  |                     |   /
     |   |_| |__|     Meadow          |  /
Stonehall _   __          **          |-- Dwarven
     |___| | |  | Cult of Bonk/Donation   Day Care
           | |  | (under tree)        |_
Petting Zoo| |  |_______________________Goblin Pass
        |__| |    |        \
           | |    |  __     \
          Solace  |_|  |  Pantheon Courtyard    **= Tree of
            |      Mob Factory                     Knowledge
            V       |__|

Level Range: 1-4

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Sol: 4e.

Walking route from Aelmon: 19w, n, 2w, n, 2w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Nom.


This is by far one of the easiest areas to access.


This area is a giant rectangle, while small mobs distributed throughout. At the center is the Tree of Knowledge, which houses the starting trainer for skills, the new player donation room, and the alternate Mudschool. It also marks the entrance to the Cult of Bonk. See the map for more details.


This area is home to a variety of friendly woodland creatures who you can mercilessly slaughter for newbie exp. Aside from the golden feather, there isn't really any gear to speak of, so you might be better off exploring some of the other areas surrounding the meadow. If you are in need of gear, you can head up the tree by starting at Nom, head e, 2u, all n, then d to find yourself in the newbie cages. The mobs here will give starting equipment, though you can easily find better in the areas surrounding the Meadow. The gear here is almost identical to those found in Mudschool. One piece of gear of note is the Orb Of Knowledge, which is useful while practicing skills or spells.

None of the mobs are aggressive, although a fair number may assist, so be careful fighting in heavily populated rooms. All of the mobs are of good alignment, so you will quickly become evil while fighting in the area; for this reason, some newly-created characters prefer to fight in either the The Cult of Bonk or Wayside instead.


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