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Pirates tell tales of a beautiful island on the very edge of the ocean where no pirate has ever returned. They call it 'Greed's Gallows', yet no one knows why. Lately, the story of this cursed island has been revived. A handful of people say they have heard rumors of a robed man trying to persuade sailors to venture there; even though Lord Audis has personally banned any sort of sea-faring venture to such a dangerous place.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Yoyo


Walking route from Aelmon: 37s, 6w, s (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: barrel monkeys (note: wanders), pod manatees (note: wanders).


A list of areas connected to the Greed's Gallows:


This area is divided into two main parts. The top portion is non-cursed with non-aggressive mobs. It is a rough circle with a mix of land and water. In the center is a room that goes down to a small circle. In the SW corner go down three times and up once to get back to the flip side small circle. NW and up and you are in the lower cursed/aggie area. There are some bigger mobs in each of the corners but it is still a large rough circle.


The "above area" (pp: Barrel Of Monkeys) is full of decent sized good-aligned mobs. This area is nice because they neither assist nor aggie. If you wander around enough in the center you'll find a room you can go down from, and then you'll get to the lower part of the area (pp: Pod Of Manatees). From them you'll go down three times, up once, north, west, and up (dddunwu) and you'll be in a area that's great for xp, but cursed. It's full of pirates, sailors, and adventuruers, along with crocodiles, snakes, and frogs. The animals aggie, as do a few of the bigger mobs in the area, most noticably the Avatar Of Avarice (big invis aggie mobs, two of them in a room), the Master Of This Hell, and the Blood-Thirsty Butcher. Butcher is notable for the fact that he's demonfired, which makes him good for HDL setting. The butcher eats corpses and the master animates, so watch out. There is also a sanced Enslaved Dark Dragon in a room with two invisible avatars of avarice. The dragon is part of the ruby fingerblades quest. There is also a a part of the quest here for a nice div potion.

To get from bar monk down to the pod mana area, find the room with the title "All Good Things Must come to an End". It only has an exit to the east. from that room, go 4e, 1d and that takes you into the lower part. There is no (easy)* walking way out of the lower areas and it is all cursed, so no recall. Make sure someone has portal (for a group) or teleport (individuals).

\* There's a quest to do it; it involves the barrel maker and the ghosts that appear when you kill certain mobs.


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