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So you have made it through the trials of the twenties. Don't start to rest, the road has just begun to be difficult. The thirties is the level range in which most players become dependent upon groups. Don't be frustrated if you find you by yourself can only kill one measely mob per regen session - that's how this range is set up. This is where you really begin learning about the various group roles which will become essential for the rest of the game. At the same time, this is where you will discover what role you prefer to fill. Do you like leading the charge and taking all the hits while your friends beat the poor goblins to death? Do you like hiding behind a beefcake and striking your foe while it's trying to kill your buddy? Or do you wish to see no more of this violence, instead opting to aid your comrades in their endeavors?

At level 35, you can customize the message that other players see whenever you enter or exit whatever room they are in (see Setmin and Setmout).


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