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Mindbenders are those Psionicists who shun telekinesis as an impure application of the Science, and focus instead on telepathic magic. This focus on the purity of mind-on-mind domination makes Mindbender spells much harder to resist, and their attack spells more damaging.

Like all Prestige Classes, they retain the original class's Prime Requisite, in this case, Intelligence. As a Psionic class, they possess a Psion's higher degree of success with spells such as deception. Mindbenders are prone to the type of arrogance that can lead a caster down darker paths. They can become Sorcerors earlier than Psions can.

Mindbender masters are known to seek solitude and quiet.

* level 50 Psion
* Psionically gifted race
* No ties to a faith
* A young mind

Abbreviation: Mnd.

Base Class: Psionicists.

Prime Requisite: Intelligence.

Mindbenders in General

As with psions, Scramble (for mobs that cast) and Deception (for mobs that wield) are very useful in combat. Also, Psyphon can be nice if a mob has mana/spell casting, although it's not available until hero 250. The int debuff from Rupture in direct combat can be cleared by having a priest cast clarify on you. As compared to their closest rivals sor and wzd they don't have the handicaps of missing certain useful spells, such as sneak & fortitudes for wzd and awen and sanctuary for sor. The strength of Hive Mind is affected by the casters racial psionic bonus (psionic spell cost reduction).

Mindbender Creation


  • level 50 Psion
  • Psionically gifted race
  • No ties to a faith
  • A young mind

The following races can become mindbenders: Due, Dwf, Liz, Trg, Drg, Gth, Har, HiE, Hob, Drc, Tua, DtI.

Miraars may become mindbenders by copying one of the above races to prestige. Additional race options are available by making a mindbender of one of the above races and then remorting.

Note that the "young mind" requirement refers to the age of your character in hours played, not by creation date. The exact cutoff for prestige is unknown but assumed to be around the number of hours required to advance your character's age from 17 to 18 (roughly 1,350 hours). While this is rarely a concern for newly-created characters, players who wish to remort first (e.g. into HiE, Tua or Gth) before they prestige may want to minimize the amount of time spent with their character logged in and not running to avoid missing the cutoff.

Mindbenders at Hero Tier




Mindbenders do not worship. Worship is for the weak. Devoting does not apply.


Soloing: Mindbenders have difficulty soloing in comparison to Mages and other spell casting classes. Even though they can surge as high as 5, they rely on ultrablast as their main damage spell up until Hero 101. When Mindbenders receive the spell rupture, it does as much damage as disintegrate, but unfortunately the spell gives a temporary -INT debuff if you use it while in melee with a mob. Because of this, Mindbenders run the risk of getting reduced mana gains on leveling up if they do not pay attention to this INT debuff. Thankfully this debuff can now be cleared by having a priest cast Clarify on you.

Tanking: Mindbenders tank as well as any other mage, through where they lack in damage (and being able to cast charge shield) they make up for in utility. Deception, overconfidence, dread, illusory shield, panic and even anger management make for some interesting and fun Hero runs.

Hitting: They are less effective than most damage-casting classes as hitters. They do not have chaos channel like other spell casters, and since they lack the efficient and effective kinetic spells of a Psionicist, they effectively hit like a mage with a spell that costs twice as much mana (although with the right mobs psyphon can mitigate this). Again, the utility of being able to use deception, scramble and other psionic debuffs are the class's only usefulness.

Healing: Other then brandishing healing items, Mindbenders typically do not heal.

Mindbenders at Lord Tier

Mindbenders are effective damage dealers at lord. Their main damage spell, fracture, does about the same base damage as brimstone does for sorcerers (though without the benefit of worship or immolation the actual output is much less). With psyphon, they have the ability to surge higher in areas with spellcasting mobs. They also have more hp than wizards and sorcerers, and they get illusory shield which helps with survivability. In addition, they are more successful than psionicists with their telepathic spells like scramble and deception.

Similar to sorcerers, you should be targeting your damage spell at all times, even when mages and wizards are area spelling. Don't bother scrambling mobs unless they cast spells, and use psyphon only against the same mobs. Deception is a waste of time unless mobs with weapons are really punishing the tank.

If you're thinking of casting cataclysm, just don't. The number of targets you need to hit with this out-of-class spell to do equivalent damage to fracture is far too large to make it practical in any circumstance.

Mindbender Remort Options

Remort Classes

  • Sorcerer: At Lord level 100, a Mindbender can remort into a human sorcerer. If they would like to keep their current race, they would have to remort at Lord level 200 instead.


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