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You have heard whispers in the meadow of a series of sewer tunnels that run from beneath the Dwarven Day Care to underneath the Mob Factory.

Level Range: 4-6

Builder: Frey


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, 3s, e, [d].

Portaling point(s) suggested: water spider.


This sewer of sorts can be accessed from two places in the Mob Factory and one in the Dwarven Day Care.


The west end of the area connects to the Mob Factory, while the east end of the area connects to the Dwarven Day Care. At the center of the area is a large square where the Green Slimes tend to congregate. At the center of the square sits the Giant Alligator, an aggressive and formidable mob. See the map and the Adventuring section for more details.


There are slimes who carry slimy rings, which give the same bonuses as the pink ice rings. Take care crossing through the passage, as most mobs will assist, and there is a nasty aggy alligator which is hidden in the middle of the path (Room desc: Alligator's lair; you may also see one pair of "red glowing eyes" on scan). You can manoeuvre safely around him, however, if you are careful.

Other than the Giant Alligator, most of the mobs are fairly small and good for exp. There's also a good number of them, though some of them have a poisonous bite. A pretty good area for exp.


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