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Pits Of Blood And Chain (Gear)
Shiftwatch Orb (Gear)
Under The Stars (Gear)
Unravelling (Gear)

Noctopia is the Dark side of Arcadia; the utopian realm of the Dark Fae, and the ultimate manifestation of their power. In its prime, it was ruled by the Dark Queen Zydarielle, and her lover, the Grand Duke Malafont. His death marked the beginning of the end of the war between the two Fae factions, and after the Queen fell at the hands of Adrial Skythain, the remaining Dark Fae simply lacked the will to maintain their realm. For like Arcadia, Noctopia is the stuff of dreams, and with the loss of all save one of the original Dark Fae, the Domain of Stars utterly ceased to exist.

Now rumor speaks of its return. Through unknown magicks it has been reborn from mere memory, and the Dark Fae alone keep the secret.

Outsiders are advised to keep their distance. As much as the Arcadians hate intruders, the Dark Fae are both xenophobic and spiteful, and not above taking pleasure in cruelty.

Noctopia makes Karnath look like the petting zoo. There still remains many secrets to discover in the land of night.

Planeshifting to Noctopia takes you to the Shiftwatch Orb. See that area's entry for suggestions on surviving this process.

There is at least one Lloydable room in Under The Stars. While this is certainly no picnic, it seems a bit more survivable to shift to the anchor instead of the Shiftwatch Orb when you have the option.

We've also found a Backdoor To Noctopia. Like the other two entry options, this is no walk in the park either.

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