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Nexus of the Crisis

Tarterus is the Demon homeworld. All imaginable types of vile Demons, Daemons and Demodands call this twisted plane their home. They are ruled there by the Dark Lord, Anthraxus, rumored to possess the legendary belt of souls and boots of planewalking.

Once a feared realm of shadowy nightmares, it has since weakened and lost some of its danger. But parts of it still lay untamed...


In general this isn't the scariest plane in the universe. Tart proper is decent exp for a smallish group, but the mobs there web and demonfire, so it can be a hassle. The Garden is a nice gear/exp run for a smaller group. The Ring Of Higher Power run has huge mobs and can be extremely swarmy, so you probably shouldn't try it with less than 20 groupies. Also on this plane is the Boots Of Planewalking, Belt Of Souls, and Guard Of The Demogorgon.


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