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Near Solace there is a Petting Zoo where visitors can see and pet many different kinds of animals from around the Realm. In addition to the usual goats and ducks, this Petting Zoo is rumored to have a few ... unique ... displays not found elsewhere.

Level Range: 4-7

Builder: Xanth


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, s, w.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, s, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Zoo Keeper.


This area is connected to the Town of Solace.


This area is fairly linear, as it curves counter-clockwise. At the end are the two weapons of interest in this area. See the map and Adventuring sections for more details.


When I make a new character, inevitably they swing by the petting zoo. It seems to be a commonly run lowbie area, probably because of its age, the fact it is devoid of aggies, and its proximity to Sol. It's a nice area for exp, but its real appeal is the two weapons that can be found there: the Golden Unicorn Horn and the claw of Tyran-o-Bambie.

Only be aware, that some of the other items that can be found there are cursed. This means it is not possible to remove or drop them without previously having cast 'remove curse'. The area itself is very straightforward, and there aren't really any surprises from the mobs, except for the Pig who has been known to bite and poison.


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