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Leaving the Walkways and hugging roots of the Barrier Mountains, in the depths of the eastern marsh lies a small town. Barely an outpost of a much greater power, this community is torn from the inside.

Heavily reliant on slave labor, the news of Midgaardian arrivals has stirred hope buried for centuries, and the oppressed battle the oppressor. Choose a side and see the conflict come to a conclusion, or don't! Why not settle down instead, leave the life of an adventurer for a while, and try your skills at animal husbandry?

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: WinterRose

Area was added on 23rd of June 2013.


Walking route from Eragora default recall: 2s, d, 6e, 2s, 2e, 2s, e, 2s, 4e, 2s, 2e, d, 5e, 2n.

Walking route from Halfling Salad-Worker: 3n, 3e, 2n

Portal Point Brutus or raccoon (also a great immolate/devour mob)



Area is small and easy to explore fully. It features a primary quest that involves picking a side as explained in the area's intro and then proceeding to eliminate the other side. This quest is not group-based and is soloable by heroes.

Secondary quest involves animal husbandry, is very difficult to solo even for 999s, and will reward the entire group accomplishing it.

From the builder:

Rapture is a small area designed for small players - those not yet superhero and willing to group with one or more similarly-sized players while exploring. The area's primary quest is not group-based, but should be soloable even for this type of an explorer. At the same time Rapture is designed for very large players, as well as those willing to let others know just how 999 their superheroes are - as they attempt and likely perish at their Animal Husbandry efforts, which are very much a group-based affair. Lords are free to rummage around, but they will not be able to do the area's quests, which bear hero-like rewards anyway. I hope you have fun, as well as use this opportunity to flex your larger alts and see just how buff you are when presented with a butchering knife.


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