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Though pirates have always operated as long as the ship has been around, there has recently been a heavy increase in both the frequency and magnitude of piracy being committed in the area. Lord Audis and his advisors believe the cause to be found somewhere near an island known to be controlled by a famous pirate named Lord Redtooth. The reward will be great for any who are able to put a stop to the atrocities being committed by the pirates.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Imij


Walking route from Aelmon: 35s, 7e (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: little crab.


Sea Of Strayed Hopes


The top part is uncursed. There's a down exit 3n from little crab, which connects to the bottom part. It has various different areas, a warehouse, barracks, kitchen etc. To access them keep going east as you clear out the various areas. The lowest level has an up exit which leads to Lord Redtooth and a one-way down exit to Slithk.


This area is similar to Frozen Wastes in the level of the mobs, but is bigger and contains more mobs.

The top part is a jungle with various creatures. This is a good place for tanking with a smallish group because it is uncursed. The female gorillas are non-aggie, the male ones and the silverback one (sentinel) are aggie. There are also many other creatures, mostly aggie: tigers, panthers, toucans, spiders, tortoises, triffids, mists and a few pirates. The spiders can poison, the pirates and the mists wield.

Going down 3n from little crab leads to a cursed area with lots of pirates and a few prisoners. The first room down is full safe. Most of the pirates are aggie and many of them wield. The prisoners are non-aggie and give low xp. Notable mobs are:


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