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Balance must come to all things. The rampant growth of the living vegetation on the surface of this bountiful island has allowed death to be just as prolific in its underbelly. The rich life force flourishing above has made for an irresistible banquet for those whose power comes from feeding upon it.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ctibor


Walking route from Aelmon: ???.

Portaling point(s) suggested: nexus from Ailantuhus to group mates, but you cannot portal or teleport directly.

From little crab, s, e, n, e, n to get to Verdant Isle (A lonely beach). A thorny vine is hidden, wanders, and backstabs (but if you've been to Verdant Isle you know this). From the entrance, you will reach Sem Vida if you hug the eastern coastline: neesennenwnwnnend

(or nenn to the overgrown shack, and then nenen to the down exit).



Sem Vida is no-hog and no-quit. You venture down to the first level "Below the island" and are on the western edge of a grid. From there you can find exits down in the NW and SE corner to an underwater level (A Watery Grave) or find stairs leading up to another level (Buried Alive) in the NE and SW corner. Those levels are each approximately a 3x3 grid but with exits that loop back around. Using markers or coins can help you keep your bearings. It can get swarmy fast. When leading it helps to look right before moving to make sure a mob hasn't drifted in. On the first level is Ludvik the Lich occupying the center (visible on scan). There are a few single exit alcoves that aren't safe but may be better places to rest and regroup a little.

The winds have the possibility of shifting between sea salt or the stench of death randomly after each ghost kill while the ebb and riptide have the possibility after every wraith kill. When trying to enter a certain section you can focus on these 2 mob types to shift the winds and tides until they correspond with where you want to go.

(message on the table below means you must see this area message to gain access to that room. Directions start below Ailantuhus.)

Directions Message Room Name Boss Mob Items/Affects/Specials
stench An Ashy Cinerarium The (wight) draws in life from everything around it. Glowing Arm Bone (keyword ulna, staff 4x heal)
esuwsu salt A Charnal Hypogeum (revenant)A corpse bursts out of the ground, sensing the living nearby ashes
en2euneu stench A Dusty Dolmen (draugr)A horned helm apparition hovers over a mound. 5x fizora (mob casts deathfield)
en2euneu salt A Dusty Loculus (ghoul)A shabby looking humanoid is gnawing on a femur. Removes anti magic from ludvik's room
es2edesu ripetide A Flooded Hypogeum Somehow this huge skeletal (shark) is still able to swim. causes sphere of silence when tail swish
es2edesu ebb A Flooded Sepulcher It's tentacles start to twitch as a giant (squid) comes back to life. 2 triple heal eyes (poison palm technique)
endesu ripetide Watery Dolmen More bone than skin is left on this (hydra) head. death and decay (sneak/move about body)
endesu ebb Watery Loculus A giant (crab) shell scuttles about. Skin for armor (-1 hr than ultimoose with -5 ac)

Note that you can not scent or linkrefresh here. To linkrefresh, you need to go up from the entrance into Verdant Isle.



There are 4 types of regular mobs:

  • Spectres (on scan as apparitions)
  • Wraiths (on scan as various players, often shown as drowning)
  • Ghosts (on scan mostly as ghosts and spirits)
  • Rats (only in the main area, where Ludvik is)

There is also a mob of zombies (corpse animator) wandering about. When you kill a mob of zombies, you hear the sound of rubble tumbling. Not sure what this is supposed to signify.


There are 8 sub-bosses, 2 each in every portion of the area. As you kill more and more sub-bosses, you weaken Ludvik and make him easier to kill.

  • SW up (Buried Alive) - This level contains an up exit to A Charnal Hypogeum room (The revenant, lvl 85). Or you might find an up exit to An Ashy Cinerareum (Wight, lvl 85 with three crawling arms, lvl 80).
  • NE up (Buried Alive) - A Ghoul hangs out in A Dusty Loculus. There is also a hidden up exit (visible to a rog with alertness) which needs to be picked to get to the Draugr. The door cannot be bashdoor-ed.
  • NW down (Watery Grave) - There is a room with a sturdy metal grate welded in the ceiling with an unpickable lock (needs to be bashdoor-ed) leading to a Watery Dolmen room containing the Hydra which carries (Death And Decay). The up exit is hidden but visible to a rog with alertness. There is also an up exit to a Watery Loculus room where a crab (lvl 75) has been spotted (up exit only shows up when tide ebbs).
  • SE down (Watery Grave) - A Flooded Sepulcher up exit is where The animated squid (lvl 85) has been seen. Or you may find a hidden closed up exit with an odd glow to it. The shark has been spotted on this level in A Flooded Hypogeum (keep your eyes open for a barrier of magic on the ground).

The sub-bosses will not repop when killed. They show up if use where. The room is "Cracks in the Rock". The room is inaccessible.

The sub-bosses will repop when Ludvik repops (if you kill him).


Ludvik's scan description will change as you kill more and more sub-bosses. The descriptions are:

  • Irritated
  • Annoyed
  • Trying to figure out what's wrong (seen once when all 8 sub-bosses were dead, hydra killed very fast)
  • Scrambling to maintain control (when you kill all 8)
  • Sees his kingdom falling part (kill more hydra heads)
  • Is near death, ironic (even more hydra heads)

Info about this area from Ailantuhus

Ailantuhus will tell you some info about the area if you use say in his room.

(White Aura) An ailing ent paces nervously at the edge of the cliff.

Ailantuhus says 'Oh please tell me you are here to deal with this undead menace.' Ailantuhus says 'Say TELL ME MORE if you want to hear about my woes.'

You say 'tell me more'
Ailantuhus says 'A lich has taken up residence in the caverns below and is feeding off of the abundant plant life.'
Ailantuhus says 'I can venture no further due to my nature but you and some able friends may be able to do  something about it.'
Ailantuhus says 'He is currently quite invincible, but if you destroy some of his creations it should weaken him.'
Ailantuhus says 'He has imbued his life force into some creatures large and small.'
Ailantuhus says 'The small ones he can shrug off, but each large one destroyed will take a bit of that power with it.'
Ailantuhus says 'Bring me whatever bits of power are left when you defeat him and I will reward you accordingly.'
Ailantuhus says 'If you have a question about a particular mob please feel free to ask.'
Ailantuhus says 'I have general knowledge about some things roaming around below.'
Ailantuhus says 'Be sure to figure out ahead of time who is going to hand me any items, that person will receive any reward.'
Ailantuhus exclaims 'Good luck!'
You say 'ludvik' (Ludvik the Lich, lvl 115)
Ailantuhus says 'As I said, weaken him by destroying his base of power, the major creations around him.'
Ailantuhus says 'The weaker he is the easier it will be to defeat him but the less I will have to work with to reward you.'
You say 'wraith/spectre/ghost' (Lvl 60-68)
Ailantuhus says 'Poor lost souls trapped into doing the lich's bidding.'
You say 'wight'
Ailantuhus says 'Eww, crawling arms. Better than some other crawling appendages I could think of.'
Ailantuhus says 'They seem to serve a wight somewhere below.' (lvl 85)
You say 'ghoul'
Ailantuhus says 'I hear those things will eat the dead, be wary.'
You say 'rat' (A horde of rats, lvl 55)
Ailantuhus says 'Feeding on the dead has made these creatures bold, thankfully they only go for old corpses.'
You say 'hydra'
Ailantuhus says 'Remember that every time you destroy a hydra's head two more will grow in its place.'
Ailantuhus says 'Fire is out of the question to seal the wound since it is underwater.'
Ailantuhus says 'It is undead though, so if you can get some blood on the body it might heal over and prevent the regrowth.'
You say 'zombie' (A mob of zombies, lvl 75)
Ailantuhus says 'Anything that dies to those things will add to their numbers.'
Ailantuhus says 'Try not to let your corpse join that mob.'
You say 'draugr'
Ailantuhus says 'That spirit surrounds itself with memories of its death, a blow to the head I believe.'
Ailantuhus says 'Actually reliving the moment might be just the thing it needs ...or make it worse.'
You say 'shark' (The fossilized shark, lvl 85)
Ailantuhus says 'Even undead sharks are susceptible to a good hit on the nose.'
Ailantuhus says 'Though it may go for the hand that hits it and he can be fickle.'
You say 'crab' (The animated crab shell, lvl 75 mob, skin for crab shell plate)
Ailantuhus says 'That thing is just a big armored brute.'
Ailantuhus says 'Just cut it down to size.'
Ailantuhus says 'You could probably cut it up some more after that too.'
You say 'squid' (see The animated squid)
Ailantuhus says 'Poisonous tentacles and glowing eyes, gives me the creeps.'
You say 'revenant'
Ailantuhus says 'Most undead are mindless beings. This thing hates the living with a passion.'
You say 'arm' (crawling arm, lvl 80)
Ailantuhus says 'Eww, crawling arms. Better than some other crawling appendages I could think of.'
Ailantuhus says 'They seem to serve a wight somewhere below.'
You say 'ctibor'
Ailantuhus says 'I heard he is sometimes a bit sadistic.'


This is the third elite hero area, added September 17th, 2011.

This is a nice area for about 7-10 people to get XP in. Bigger groups will probably find better xp in Aculeata Jatha-La (commonly known as wasps).


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