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A temple of Gorn is a rare thing in the known worlds. Nobody knows how these temples form and where the monks who inhabit them arrive from. It is an enigma. They exist for their own reasons yet some, like the one existing in the Plane of Thorngate, invite people to come and take advantage of their strange soothing temple which somehow makes healing easier. As long as you stay only within the path of silks and the Inner Sanctum, the monks will allow you to rest. To seek their hidden secrets is to seek death.

Level Range: 25-30

Builder: Odin


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: None (all cursed)




Warning! The whole interior of the temple is seething with monks who will attack everyone who is not of that class!
Furthermore, it is cursed and nospell! This makes for really good dying and tricky CRs. It is NOT suitable for level-25 NON-monks!

For monks, on the other hand, it is safe and the place they can find their trainer. The mobs in this area wear hitroll gear.


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