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A small island with a big problem, this cay can hardly support itself and maintain a natural balance with the weak ecosystem that is formed on this coral reef. A ranger from the eastern forest gave up his life years ago in the woods to attempt bringing some checks back into the islands population. Ocean voyagers openly boast of having hunted and killed turtles with unusual shells and coloration's near Tortuga Cay in order to earn more profits from a sea journey. Such trinkets are valued as trade goods to many mainland stores and nobles buy them as rare gifts. It is heard from all accounts, the ranger still lives there and even encourages poaching of these animals as a control.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ducer


Walking route from Aelmon: 41s, e (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: ranger Conian (note: hidden).



The lower level is all cursed. The southern tip of the top level leads to the Sea of Strayed Hopes.


A generally safe area with 21 turtle-themed mobs and one druid mob. A good PP and reference point for this area is Conian, who is hidden. The average tortuga provides experience between 90 and 150; the ones in sanctuary at the lower level provide 170-300 (there are only two). While this is primarily an area for a low level caster, some monks/shfs/bzks occasionally have been spotted killing a turtle or two after a run, as edged melee weapons do not work on these mobs.

Note that the two gigantoise turtles are stompers, so avoid dropping any items in their room. The aggressive mobs are the horned, snapping (two of them), and spiny tortugas. These are evil alignment; the rest of the tortugas neutral, except for the immature tortugas which are saintly. Conian is also of good alignment, but be careful - he casts faerie fire and area spells, which can implicate other players in the room. The tortuga matriarch, who is at the lower level, has a natural resistance to spell damage (comparable to sanctuary) and will require more mana to kill than the other mobs. In fact, all the turtles are sometimes resistant to damage, where an unsurged disintegrate or torment can leave them in excellent condition for the first hit.

Due to the low amount of mobs, it is not a recommended area for quick leveling.


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