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Within the bowels of Devil's Peak lies the lair of the demon Tssasskkas. A mighty necromancer, the demon is said to raise the bodies of those who fall within her realm so that they may serve her forever.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: S. Heart


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 5n, u, e, u, w, n, u, n, u, 6n, w, u, n, u, e, u, n, w, s, u, n, u, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Rockfist or Spirit Tzzan (safe room deeper in the lair).



Starting from entrance the following sections can be discerned:

  • Entrance cave with passageways and non-aggressive mobs,
  • Below Spawner (animator), a small underwater section with Cretellis and Mantellis (corpse eaters),
  • The Spirit of Tzzan's tower, submerged in water with semi-aggressive animated Lord players attacking it (stabbers, casters),
  • A series of tubes - tunnels and slopes, a swarmy section with many large aggressive mobs (all sorts of nasty),
  • Through quest doors - a part with even larger water mobs that special groupies are required to access,
  • Grand finale - the cavern leading to stalagmite with Eyeless Terrors, (scramblers/mnd) and finally Tssasskkas (animator).

At a glance, the area is not a breeze.

Adventuring / Exploration Walkthrough

The first section is the uncursed cavern and not difficult to solo with small characters. Beware there is a cloner. Here you can find Rockfist, a good portal point, who also carries a piece required for the main quest - a "fake" catseye gem that is actually a ticket. From entrance room go 3e, n, open w, w to access Spawner's room - an aggressive animator perhaps best left alone.

Below Spawner is the second section, with Narrow chimney being a good place to set recall. It it filled with two types of sharks, Cretellis and Mantellis, which are corpse eaters. The Cretelli Tooth is a skin item useful for archers. At the end of this section is a fake Tssasskkas's Lair with an animated corpse of one, which is aggie. There is a vortex here leading to the third section.

Noticeably more full of aggressive mobs, the waters around the Lich's tower are full with tongue-in-cheek animated Lord players that stalk the group - watch out for Pico and Juliet, those two can stab for obliterating through full spells. The other animated corpses do not aggie. Pico is also carrying Pouch Of Rogue Tools, an useful set of tools. If you are intent on doing battle here, see Fizzing White Potion Quest. Inside the Lich's towers are three fully safe rooms, and the last place to set recall before the next sections. While here, also take note of the anti-magic rooms, as getting caught in one with a solo mage low on mana means death - there is no fleeing in water. There are some anti-magic rooms onwards as well.

From the south-eastern room of the main cavern's upper layer, eastwards, is a blind solitary room. Entering it by going east, and going again east, will return you to Main cavern, but going west (not intuitive) will drop you in the fourth section. Once here you will be immediately set upon by vipers that poison and elementals that throw group-damaging thrown weaponry. Trouble is that these weapons (balls of energy) tend to return to the mobs, killing them and robbing the group of a significant amount of xp.

XP-wise, this is the best part of the area, providing you have a good tank and a group capable of doing much damage, fast. To the north is a small block of two air rooms, just prior to the first of quest doors, where you can sleep uninterrupted and optionally respell.

The first door requires pushing a magical stone (need your detects up) to get through. This door (and others beyond) are known to cut groupies off, so beware - as engaging immediately in combat on the other side means you cannot operate the lever to let your groupies in until the combat is done.

Beyond this door is the fifth section, a cavern with wyrms (probably dragons as they're huge, tail, and don't take much damage), but not as swarmy as previous section. The north-western corner of the four Small Cavern rooms contains an up exit to Cloud Dracoleum, landing you one room beneath the Shadow Sovereign. To the south is the second door that requires a rogue(like) groupie to operate the lever (Decahedral stone). A BCI can open this door as they are roguish enough. Going southwards here is soon a mute room (no chatting!) and 2 rooms later a sponge-filter solitary room. When you come near the 15+ bugs infesting a mute blind room, don't worry, one burning hands will kill them all.

Going east from the rogue-only lever is immediately a psi-only wall. This is visible to mnd as well as BCI (who can open both quest doors!).

Once on the other side of the psi wall, you will find the sixth section, the inner cavern, with a stalagmite on the far end. Jumaras here will use more ranged weaponry, and climbing the stalagmite you will encounter the two Eyeless Terrors. These scramble, hit very hard, and are huge. Loot them for their armors, Carburized Steel Plate Armor equivalents. One room further up is the Tssasskkas, the area boss.

Once done, consider returning to the lich to complete Jaranon Great Sword Quest.

As a final note, dying in the last sections (cursed, no walking exits) with or without survivors lacking means to gurney groupmates (bzk/sor/shf), will require a large CR party. Since fleeing is impossible due to water environment, always be ready to calm and teleport out, if at all possible.


As of October 2011, the area features a sizable increase in experience gains and a moderate increase in hp and mana regeneration.


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