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It seems that most cultures have one thing in common, a need for warriors. These are the men and women who train from birth to survive the lethal environment of close combat with weapons and armor. These soldiers, mercenaries, guards, etc. utilize their knowledge of armor, weapons, and tactics to great effect. While they may not have a lot of skills with which to draw from, the skills they do learn are extremely effective, and are generally learned quite early. The only drawback of the warrior lies in its main strength, its simplicity.

The prime requisite of Warriors is STRength, giving them the capacity to mete out more damage, and carry more gear and equipment than any other class.

Abbreviation: War.

Prime Requisite: Strength.

Warriors in General

Warriors are big, fat hitters, but due to their size, can make great tanks as well. At hero 250+, their damage ranges from 1 hit getting them somewhere that is as least EVISC, to 8 hits getting oblit, which gives them really solid hitting, right up there with archers. Their low dexterity means they won't be dodging much, but their hp and class defining parry related skills can help make up this gap when it comes to tanking in hit gear.

Warrior Creation

While characters of any race may be warriors, some races are far more suited to be a warrior than others. Races with high strength such as Giants, Ogres, Gargoyles and Orcs tend to make excellent warriors. Likewise, races with lower strength such as Elves, Drow and Goblins tend to make less effective warriors. However, unlike the caster classes, the less effective races can still function decently as warriors, they just won't hit as hard or have as much hp. Constitution and Dexterity are secondary aspects to consider if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your warrior. One final thing to look at is each race's racial damage modifier, as some races are more inclined towards beating things into mush than others!

Warriors at Lowmort Tier


As with all characters, Wisdom should be trained first to maximize practice gains per levelup. The next stat that should be trained is Constitution in order to maximize hit point gains per levelup, followed by Intelligence to make adepting your skills cost fewer practice points. It should be noted that lowmort warriors gain next to no mana, and even if they did they have nothing at all to use it on with the sole exception of prayer, so if you're planning to train all stats to max before practicing, you can leave Intelligence until last. Lastly, Strength and Dexterity define how well a warrior uses its skills, and should be trained to their maximum values whenever possible.


Once your warrior has trained its stats, it is time to start practicing skills. Unlike some of the other classes, warriors do not learn many unimportant skills. Just about all of the skills learned at lowmort are a vital enhancement to a warrior's abilities. Some of the first things you should practice are Second Attack, Parry, Enhanced Damage, Bash and Shield Block. Generally speaking it is a good idea to learn most skills when they become available. You can pass on Prayer, Bashdoor, and Embed) and the leadership skills, but in general most skills will be of assistance to you.


Warriors, like most classes, can choose to worship a deity starting at level 10. The most common deity for warriors to worship is Werredan, because he substantially increases the melee damage done by his worshippers and allows for better hp gains when levelling. The majority of his downsides such as weaker spellcasting and less effective heal spells are of no concern to warriors. Another perk of Werredan is a 10% bonus to experience gained, which makes levelling in general a little easier. Alternative deities warriors could possibly benefit from worshipping include Tor and Quixoltan. Tor doesn't really offer anything different than Werredan other than slightly less hp gains, increased regen speed, and no xp bonus, whereas Quixoltan is generally chosen for better mana gains, but it hurts regen quite a bit, with a large xp penalty on death.. Quixoltan also doesn't increase melee damage quite as much as Werredan. Really though, Werredan gives the same hp as Qxl, and warriors have very little use for mana. Unless you're experimental, just stick to him.



Warriors solo quite well throughout lowmort. They have more hp than any other createable class and can hit pretty hard as long as you keep your hit gear up to date with your level. This can present a bit of a challenge if the warrior is your first character, but if you have an alternate character such as a mage, or a friend willing to get you gear, lowmort should not present much of a challenge at all. Depending on the hp of your warrior, stick to areas your own level or venture into areas a little above it. Once you get to level 15 or so, begin using the spellbots and enjoy watching the levels fly by.


Lowmort groups are few and far between, but in a group situation, a warrior would be a prime candidate to tank due to their hp in comparison to other classes, as well as their advantage in terms of defensive skills. Unlike at hero where most classes have Parry, Dodge and Shield Block, many classes at lowmort get only one, or none at all. Warriors, however, get two out of 3, only lacking Dodge.


Warriors also make good hitters. With Third Attack and Enhanced Damage practiced they can usually dish out plenty of damage, without the restriction of mana common to caster classes.


At lowmort, warriors learn neither heal spells or Arcane Knowledge, so they are flat-out incapable of healing, forced to rely on group mates or quaffing potions.

Warrior Prestige Options

Warriors can prestige to bodyguards or rippers at level 50.

Warriors at Hero Tier

Warriors usually serve as hitters at hero. They don't hit as consistently or as well as archers but can do a decent amount of damage. They also get a lot of hp and are helpful in rescuing smaller groupmates.



Arcane knowldege, read magic, sneak, move hidden, cure blindness, cure poison, cure disesase, protection evil, sanctuary, frenzy, portal, water breathing and fly are useful spells/skills to practice.


Most warriors devote to whatever deity they're worshipping. The most common choice is Werredan, devoting to which will improve your hp gains.


Soloing: It's possible but slow to solo a warrior.

Tanking: Warriors can tank very well since they get in-class rescue as well as dodge/parry/shield block. At higher levels, since they get lots of hp, they can tank in hit gear.

Hitting: Till hero 250, it's usually better to use 2 weapons to hit. After 250+ a double hitting weapon is best. Some races (gia, due, dwf) get racial-powerswing. For them, a two-handed weapon might be better.

Warriors at Lord Tier

Warriors are mainly tanks at the Lord Tier, but are expected to have both hit gear, to help with damage at times, and mana gear, to help themselves. They tend to get hit more than monks, but they also tend to have significantly more HP.

Warrior Remort Options

Warriors at lord tier may remort into paladins or berserkers. See Remort classes for information on the requirements for each of these classes.

Remort races that are well-suited for warriorliness include trolls, dragons, griffons, minotaurs and golems. See Remort Races for information on the requirements for each of these races.


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