Demonic Lapis Lazuli

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Little golden stars twinkle evilly in the deep blue surface of this gem.


To craft with these gems, you will need to see the Demon Crafter in the area north of Bo'Vul. You'll require the Blood-Mithril Key to get inside. The key can be purchased from Bo'Vul for 86.4k gold however first check the pot in Bantu's kitchen to see if a fellow helpful player has already left one these.

Once you have the key, the walking route from Bo'Vul is [n], enter pentagram, e, s, e, s, e. When you're ready to leave the area, you can "cast home".

LOOK MENU to see what he has to offer (or see below). Each item can be modified with two different options. Giving the crafter the Demonic Lapis Lazuli and a perfect gem allows him to modify things.


give lapis demon
give <item> demon
say <customized item choice>
give perfect demon

Base of the final item is 27-30 depending on the perfect gem used and item is bound to creator.

pame - B27
peme - B28
psap - B28
prub - B28

  • Black Armband
    • Robust - Hp bonus to player
    • Stealth - Sneak on the item
    • Fortify - Extra ac bonus on item
  • Assassin's Armband
    • Weaponize - Damage boost and sneak but loss of archery mods
    • Specialize - Hitroll boost and archer modifications (this process removes anti-good and dark flags, and any enchants you put on it, and sets it to level 125)
  • Watermark Tattoo - This will be bound to the player. These give up to 24 hours of the effect but end at midnight. There is a 5 day exhaust period (shows up as a "water stain" insignia).
    • Defensive - Changes the affinity so player can receive werrebocler 1 day in 5
    • Offensive - Changes the affinity so player can receive damroll bonus 1 day in 5
  • Silver Sword - One from commander only
    • Brutish - Reforges the sword into a double hitting staff
    • Divine - Reforges the sword into a small scepter