Assassin's Armband

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Darkened hair threaded together, studded with githzerai teeth form this strap.

Modifies damage roll by 3 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 3 continous.
Modifies armor class by -5 continous.
It improves archer accuracy.
It improves chances of archer critical hits.
It facilitates the archery skill aimed shot.

Slot: Arms
Weight: 5
Flags: dark anti-good
Plane: Outland
Area: Outland Proper
Mob: Lookout

This item can be modified with a Demonic Lapis Lazuli and a lord perfect gem with the following two options.
Base of the final item is 27-30 depending on the perfect gem used.
Weaponize - Removes archery bonuses and hr bonus. Changes to 9 damage roll and gives permanent sneak.
Specialize - Removes damage roll bonus. Changes to 9 hit roll and changes improved archer accuracy to improved arc damage.

See Category:Gear In Outland Proper for directions on how to get this gear