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This ogre has some of the largest teeth in all of ogredom. This particular ogre was feared for his prowess in violence so he was banished from the realm by his brethren. Forced to find work as an ambassador, he yearns for a chance to go back home and wreak havoc upon his enemies.

Diplomatic Corps

FangJaw represents Ogres in the Diplomatic Corps.


Area: Diplomatic Corps (Map).
Room: A mission from inside a cave (safe, cursed).

Walking route from Aelmon: 8n, 7w, [s], d, 2n, 4w, s

Areas by Level of DC

DC Number Areas
One Town Of Solace
Two Thrall Swamp, Walking Woods, Barrier Wastes, Moss Village
Three Zin's Hall Of Oddities, Waterfall Cave, S.S. Scurvy
Four Zin's Hall Of Oddities, Caves Of Ancient Evil, Icewolf
Five Valley Of The Sun, Icewolf, North Of Ofcol, Cavern Of The Fates