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This skill gives an archer the know-how to make his own arrows. All he needs is some time, and a fletching tool kit. Making ammunition is time consuming, but much cheaper than buying it, and less dangerous than getting it from enemies. Either normal arrows or crossbow bolts can be made, although the archer must learn other skills to make more complex types of arrows. If making poison arrows, you must have a poison item in your inventory, and specify it in the command line. Fletching kits will wear out. Their longevity is based on their level. Also note you will need higher level kits to make the higher level arrow types. It is possible through practice to improve at making particular arrow types.

Prerequisite(s): Archery Lore.

Syntax: fletch <arrows/bolts/stones> <type>.
Syntax: fletch <arrows/bolts/stones> poison <poison-object>.