Fletcher's Daughter

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The daughter of the Fletcher of Midgaard, this girl is selling some cheap and low quality bows here in Stonehall to earn extra money.

Keywords: fletcher's, daughter, young, half-elven, girl.
Scan Description: A young half-elven girl is here with a basketful of arrows.
Level: (?).
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: detect hidden, detect invis.


The fletcher's daughter is using:
The fletcher's daughter is carrying:                                                 [Lv Price]
     25 standard arrows                                                              [ 4    37]
     25 standard bolts                                                               [ 4    37]



Area: Stonehall (Map).
Room: Stonehall (portable, safe).

Walking route from Sol: n.

The fletcher's daughter is portable.