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*                                                           *
* 'Ello adventurer! Why not rest your feet at Silverbeard's *
* Stonehall?! We have food, we have drinks, we even have a  *
* healer chained to the floor! Need maps? We got maps. Need *
* to practice? We got a guy here who could teach a dog to   *
* talk!  So if you ever pass by the meadow, look right      *
* across White Stone Road and there we are.                 *
*                                                           *
*                           - Silverbeard the Dwarf         *
*                                                           *

Level Range: 5-15

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Nom: n, 9w.

Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3n, 3w, n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Sol.


Stonehall connects with the White Stone Road (part of Midgaardia's highway system) via a narrow path to its east; opposite this road is a narrow trail that leads into the Meadow.

A wooded trail leads northward from this same narrow path into the boundaries of the neighboring Oak Circle. A hidden door in Stonehall's northwest corner opens westward into the Oak Circle, as well.

At present, Stonehall's second floor connects temporarily to a Hall of Judging, where various player-designed areas submitted for 2005's lowmort area-building contest are accessible; eventually, these contest areas will either disappear forever or settle into a permanent spot somewhere else in Midgaardia.


Stonehall's main section is a 3-by-3 square centered around a marble fountain where Sol stands. Various other useful mobs stand around its periphery. Steps in its northwest corner lead upward to its second floor, which is ring-shaped, free of mobs, and lined with benches. See Stonehall Map for more detail.


As Stonehall has very few mobs, and as none of them may be killed, players will need to venture elsewhere to gain experience. The highways just east of Stonehall provide convenient access to many nearby areas while vast Westwood and its environs lie not far westward beyond the Oak Circle. See Lowmort 11-20 Areas for more information on this subject.

Although Stonehall does not offer characters any opportunities to gain experience, it does offer them many useful services via its various mobs and rooms. Sol, who stands at Stonehall's heart, is both a healer and a default recall point for all characters between levels 5 and 14. Southwest of Sol lies a bank and southeast of him stands a trainer named Carl. Also, south of Sol is a nice ent named Edmuntrillion who can identify items for a price. Stonehall has three shopkeepers, as well: northeast of Sol, Tilly sells maps of local areas; north of Sol, a half-elven girl sells arrows and bolts, which archers may find especially handy; and, west of Sol, Silverbeard sells food and drink (however, since Avatar's characters no longer experience hunger and thirst, his wares have little practical value these days). Characters wanting to buy other types of goods without traveling to Midgaard might find them for sale in nearby Solace.


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