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This spell decreases your AC by the Grace of the Gods. It gives a bonus of -100 AC. It does NOT make you invincible.

Prerequisite(s): Holy Aura.

Syntax: cast 'invincibility' <character>.

This spell is fourth of four armor-class-boosting spells that both clerics and priests may learn between level 1 and level 50. Characters of other classes, except for druids and (at lord tier) paladins, will never be able to learn it. It is included in Aegis but not in Awen. Its AC bonus may be modified by its caster's choice of worship (an atheist invincibility will give the target an extra -100 AC).

Future changes

We are considering changes to the way the invincibility spell
works:  the intention is for it to perform as an Aura. 

This means, that invincibility can only be cast on oneself, 
but it will affect all members of the casters group in the 
same room. Each additional invincibility aura in the group
will lead to a diminishing, but existant, additional