Protection Of Kings

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(Glowing) Derived from black arts, protection fit for True Kings awaits a new owner.

10 / 100 chance of reduced lag of arcane spells continuous

Type: one-handed weapon
Weight: 2
Flags: glow dark magic
Keywords: Protection, kings, black, arts
Plane: Midgaardia
Area: Githzerai Tower (Map)
Mob: Zur'lithi

Carried by the true king of the Githzerai in the keep in Outland. (On your way to the advisers downstairs, open the hidden door north instead of going south to the advisors.)

Zur'Lithi will upgrade this -- for the cost of a lord perfect emerald -- to add a +150hp boost (tell zur Body) or a +150mana boost (tell Zur Mind).

Not every race / combo works for this quest. When you enter, Zur'Lithi should say:

Zur'lithi leans in close...
Zur'lithi says 'Unless you have an artifact I have created
then I have no interest in doing business with you.
If you want to my assistance, you'll also need to bring me
an emerald from my birth world as a secondary gift.
I can only modify the same artifact one time.
If you gave me an artifact but want it back, TELL me nevermind.'

If he does not that say that to your char - then you can't do the quest. It will break when you give the pgem, and you'll have to kill him to get it back.

List of char combos known to work
Race Class
High Elf Stormlord
High Elf Wizard
Elf Mage