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Select this page's Edit tab above, select all of its contents, copy them, and then paste them into whatever new mob page you are creating. Then, simply fill in its blanks and make changes and deletions as needed. If you can not find certain bits of useful information, then feel free to submit your new page without these bits (and with blank spaces or question marks in their place) and, also, to categorize it as Incomplete. Also, please do not manually "tag" your contributions with your name; AvatarWiki automatically tracks who adds/changes/deletes what.

Each mob's page's title (with few exceptions like Aelmon) should equal its name as displayed by Look or Where or such without any leading articles (namely A, An, or The) and with every one of its words capitalized. So, for example, a page made for "the wildman of Avatar" would be titled Wildman Of Avatar. Pages made for different mobs that share a single name will need to be "disambiguated" (see our Disambiguation category under Wiki Stuff for more information about this subject).

Mob description is determined by looking at it. Mob keywords are determined only through trial-and-error; they are often but not always in its name and/or short description. Mob level is best determined by killing it and then identifying its corpse. Mob alignment and flags may both be determined via Bioscan. Some mob affects (like fly and sanctuary) are visible to everyone; most other affects may be determined using Bioscan.

Official mob description goes here.

Keywords: ??, ??, ??.
Scan Description: ??.
Level: ??.
Alignment: ??.
Flags: ??, ??, ??.
Affects: ??, ??, ??.


Please delete any unused lines in either gray box here. Note that one must use Peek to see objects in inventory.

MobName is using:
<used as light>     GearName
<worn on finger>    GearName
<worn on finger>    GearName
<worn around neck>  GearName
<worn around neck>  GearName
<worn on body>      GearName
<worn on head>      GearName
<worn on legs>      GearName
<worn on feet>      GearName
<worn on hands>     GearName
<worn on arms>      GearName
<held in offhand>   GearName
<worn about body>   GearName
<worn about waist>  GearName
<worn on wrist>     GearName
<worn on wrist>     GearName
<wielded>           GearName
<held>              GearName
MobName is carrying:


Comments about this mob go here.


Include as many of these lines as are true/useful and delete those that are not:

Area: AreaName (Map).
Room: RoomName (cursed?, portable?, safe?, RoomFlag?).

Walking route from Nom: ??.
Walking route from Sol: ??.
Walking route from Aelmon: ??.

Walking route from MobName: ??.
Walking route from MobName: ??.

MobName wanders.

MobName is portable.

Please categorize new mob pages under Mobs In AreaName. If this mob no longer exists, then also categorize its page under Grandfathered Mobs. If this mob still exists, then also categorize its page under any of these that may apply: Etchers, Healers, Identifiers, Pets, Shopkeepers, Smiths, Trainers. Please file any unfinished pages under Incomplete, as well. And, of course, don't forget to delete all of this gray text before saving your new page!