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(AlexyAnna's alter ego is Zahri).

Real name: Niki
Age: 22 11/12ths

I have played AVATAR since Feb 17, 1998 (give or take a day). Currently I work at my town's library as a Children's Services Assistant, and am trying to finance my way towards going to grad school at NYU in New York or Emerson in Boston for a master's degree in book publishing.

My AVATAR page is: (updated occasionally).

For fun, I have a book review page:

My areas on AVATAR include:
Waterfall Cave -- my first area, written by 'Niki' not 'Zahri'-- I took 1st place in the 2001 building contest and chose the name of the major connector area Ruins of Reveria (Val'si) as a tribute to a friend who played another game under the name of 'Reverie' (his area's name, anyway). [I miss him.] Since then, I joined the ranks of builder, and have produced:

Pantheon Courtyard
Shizaga's Temple
Ascension Woods
The Shadow Forest
Desiccated Farmland
Ruins Of Westwood
Graves Of Reveria

I am currently working on my 2nd hero area, an extension of
the Veyah L'Aturii theme found in Graves. Stay tuned!