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Many travelers have returned to Nom the Healer, telling him wondrous stories about a fabled courtyard south of the meadow. Nom usually only smiles and nods, closing his eyes as a peaceful look crosses his features. Sometimes Nom speaks of the occupants, mentioning the eager young priests who came to him in ages long since past, petitioning to have a place set up for the newcomers from mudschool who might wish to learn, to understand; those who seek guidance in their adventures in this realm.

Level Range: 3-7

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Nom: 4s, e, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: demon Bhyss.


This area is connected to the Meadow.


This area is a square, with mobs explaining the deities on Avatar on various paths off of the square. See the map for more detail.


Although there isn't really any great gear here, this is a great area for a few other reasons. First off it's good experience at early levels although you might want to avoid the stationary mobs mobs in each god's temple because they are a little harder. In addition, if you look at each mob before fighting it you will notice that they give a little insight into how each god will benefit and detriment his/her worshippers. The stationary mobs are exceptionally insightful.

See also Religion.


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